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"I hope that these cards will remind you of your simpler times and be an inspiration to you and your loved ones, even if times are hectic, to stop and enjoy the beauty around you" - Maria Lessner

Views from Mom's House......Like a fairy tale brought to life, these images will stir up those childhood memories I know I love to share with my family and friends. The woods collection will transport you to those happily ever after moments.

Trip to the farmers market...A foodie lover’s dream! Step back in time to the sites and sounds of the fresh farmer’s market. Our scenes bring you that much closer to celebrating food the way it should be every day.

Treats for the senses....These are the moments of introspection and faith. Escape the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and run off into your own field of dreams!

The colors. The variety. It’s simply nature at its very best. Fill your senses with the Flower Garden collection which captures nature’s beauty in all its glory.

Butterflies & Friends
A Closer look....There is something so magical about vibrant butterflies and our friendly crawly critters. This collection reminds us to float effortlessly and caress the precious moments of life with harmony and grace.

Floating Fields...Earth and water combine for beauty to appear. Delicate water lilies have inspired artists throughout the ages. This collection captures their muse for us to admire.

This collection captures all of nature’s precious gifts for you to share with the one you love. The Falling in Love collection puts romance in the air and expresses to that special someone in your life that you just can’t get enough of those UnMe moments.

Liquid Color... Our Sunset collection captures the celestial explosion of colors of dusk and dawn. It reminds us to make every day a day of renewal, introspection and appreciation.

Our Day at the Zoo collection features our fuzzy, furry and sometimes feathery friends at play.

Domestic Friends
Its puppy (or kitty) love at first sight! Their unwavering and unconditional love make us melt every time. Enjoy this celebration of man’s best and cuddly friends.

The serene landscape of a still body of water will enchant you from the very first glance. Here, we’ve captured its calm, soothing and transcending effect.

Equestrian art has always been attributed to royalty and nobility. This selection of countryside stable scenes and equestrian portraits are graced with sophisticated ease.

An epicurean feast for the eyes! Our Yum collection pays homage to the many great meals I’ve shared with family and friends and the memories made breaking bread with them.

The Old Continent...Take a European holiday without ever leaving home. Explore its rich culture, fill your senses with its wonders and legendary sites and experience an unforgettable European adventure.



Pause, Live & Love
Take the time to pause your life and live with the ones you love.

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