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I Care I Cure

"Your purchase helps!... I Care I Cure's mission is to fund cutting-edge research to find targeted, less toxic treatments for children with cancer. For more information about I Care I Cure visit our website at - Thank you for your support.."

Our cards are sold by the box with each box containing 1 of the cards below.

Red Poppy
A small, fragile yet brilliantly vibrant bloom brings fields of green to life. Waving in the breeze, our Red Poppy dazzles the eye and warms the heart with a fiery red that conveys heartfelt sentiments.


The whimsical Magpie is a playful blossom that sends joy to its admirer. It balances its stem atop a delicate leaf showing us how life too is a balancing act that, when done well, is full of blissful peace.

This yellow Aquilegia always grows near water (Aqui), drawing from its source of life on a daily basis. We too, can draw from this bud a message flowing to those who need it most.

Shed & Irises
This picture of Irises and Shed was taken in my mother Ulla's garden in the woods outside of Aix-en-provence in the south of France.. From there, one has a beautiful view of the St. Victoire mountain range, the subject of many paitings by Cezanne.

Courtyard at the Chateau de Cassis
Formerly the Michelin Castle this magnificent estate sits high above the harbor of Cassis in the South of France. It is a beautiful castle with unique rooms, all of which have spectacular views of the harbor.

Provencal Poppy
Wild flowers grow throughout Provence and are found in large numbers in the Provence hill garden in springtime. These stems flow freely and rejuvenate every season reminding us to take some time to revive and invigorate the soul daily.

The ultimate symbol of American fields of grain, our Sunflowers brighten the mood and celebrate our young culture and fiery spirit. Our glorious freedom and independence shine through these bright and majestic blooms.

The Iris, which fittingly takes its name from the greek word for "rainbow", can be found in virtually every part of the world. With striking uniqueness and beauty, Irses have rich meanings including faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration.

Variety Pack
Enjoy the wide variety of colors found among the many species of flora captured by UnMe Creations. In this variety pack, you may customize and select from among the collection so that you can share many sentiments for any occasion.

All cards are produced in the U.S.A.

*Charms may vary.





Pause, Live & Love
Take the time to pause your life and live with the ones you love.

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