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"I hope that these cards will remind you of your simpler times and be an inspiration to you and your loved ones, even if times are hectic, to stop and enjoy the beauty around you" - Maria Lessner

If you are interested in knowing the prices or viewing these pieces of art in person, please contact us. Each piece is made using FUJI FLEX photography on brushed aluminum that comes with a float mount.

The pictures below are NOT ENHANCED photos of the actual art pieces themselves taken using a regular camera.


Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of color. From bright yellows to vibrant reds, the leaves transform, showing their rich and vibrant hues. Every year travelers flock to areas that are thick with waves of color to take in the fall foliage, to catch a glimpse of nature's splendor.

Dimensions: 36' x 24'


Peace with Trees
The regal woodlands are enveloped with white misty air fragrant with summer's memories. It is sweet to sit entranced and dream of all the moments from the birth of time, of all things that have been or yet shall be.

Dimensions: 36' x 24'


Shed & Irises
This picture of Irises and Shed was taken in my mother Ulla's garden in the woods outside of Aix-en-provence in the south of France.. From there, one has a beautiful view of the St. Victoire mountain range, the subject of many paitings by Cezanne.

Dimensions: 36' x 24'


Dashing through the Snow
Enjoy the season with this lush forest view of snow capped trees, hills and valleys. Surround yourself with your loved ones this holiday and admire the fresh crispness of a winter-wonder landscape; nature's gifts abound. This scenery full of peace and joy will commemorate a moment that warms your heart.

Dimensions: 36' x 24'


The Waterfall
The waters fall to part the tranquil and lush valley that sits beneath its peak. Nature's symphony wells up and travels in a crescendo down the falls transporting us to a haven; to a place of God. Once there, Peace and serenity settles your soul as God's creatures sing their praises lifting our senses to the stratospheres and strengthens our faith, our love and our souls.

Dimensions: 36' x 27'

New Collection Preview
Take a look a whats comming soon to our online store.

Butterflies & Friends



Pause, Live & Love
Take the time to pause your life and live with the ones you love.

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